5 Best And Least-Known Cities For Retirees

A recent USA Today report compiled a list of the greatest and least-known cities for retirees. As you’re researching homes for sale for your retirement years, check out our summary of the top five entries on the list:

1. Hendersonville, NC - Located in the western mountains of North Carolina, the mayor has declared it "Friendliest City for Retirees in America.” The city offers a perfect balance of culture and nature, including an orchestra, playhouse, golf courses, as well as national forests and waterfalls in easy hiking distance. It’s also ideal for its mild climate that still allows residents to enjoy each of the four seasons.

2. St. Augustine, FL - One of the oldest cities in the U.S., St. Augustine is favored by retirees due to its warm weather, favorable tax climate, unforgettably beautiful beaches, and plenty of homes for sale.

3. King of Prussia, PA - Home to one of America’s largest shopping malls, the city sits in a centralized location, convenient to the Pocono Mountains, New Jersey shore, as well as the big cities of New York City and Philadelphia.

4. College Station, TX - The home of Texas A&M University, this city is perfect for football fans who are looking for more “tailgate party” than “cocktail party” for their retirement years.

5. Branson, MO - Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, the city has been a popular vacation spot for Missourians for years. With three gorgeous lakes and nine golf courses, it combines the attractions of a tourist town with low taxes and affordable prices on homes for sale.